Sunday, April 1

Prime Property

Within a stone's throw of a spanking new shopping center and a freeway, this prime property graces travelers with its 21st century commentary on life in these United States. It could be anywhere, so I need not mention the city. Most likely, a version of it can be seen in or near your town as well.

These artists are motivated. "Graffiti writing breaks the hegemonic hold of corporate/governmental style over the urban environment and the situations of daily life. As a form of aesthetic sabotage, it interrupts the pleasant, efficient uniformity of "planned" urban space and predictable urban living. For the writers, graffiti disrupts the lived experience of mass culture, the passivity of mediated consumption." - Jeff Ferrell, Crimes of Style. On the other end of the philosophical perspective the blogger, Innowen, says, "Within this culture our name is what defines us. If you have a name, then you have an identity."

It's all about identity and protest. Identity in crisis --- the thrill of making a name for yourself while breaking the law vs. making a name for yourself lawfully (thrill included).

Personal blogs, websites, and e-mails are just lawful versions of this once-red house by the freeway. One uses a few words, the other uses a lot. One is usually meaningless, the other is usually understood.

Therefore, my solution to metropolitan blight: get these guys to start blogging! Correct spelling is optional.

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  1. Dave,
    Great suggestion!! A new bumper sticker idea. Taggers make terrific Bloggers
    Happy Easter Dave and all the best to you and your family.
    Rich from SA TX