Thursday, November 1

The Cat's Meow

Poor Jack did NOT enjoy Liz's sports car swerving through downtown to the local Animal Shelter. His mournful meows didn't stop us from reaching our destination and long line of 20 or more dogs, cats and owners in front of us. We needed a rabies shot, a license and a microchip for the old guy. Yes, cats have to be licensed and microchipped here now! What a ripoff! I knew it. And Jack knew it!

Everyone was eager to talk about their pet while we were in line, of course. Puppies, kittens, St. Bernard to Pitbull --- they were there --- slobbering and pulling at their leashes. There was even this runt of the litter, black Pitbull. A little darling --- soon to grow up into a little Hitler on four legs, no doubt!

We finally turned the corner where the 'volunteer' vet was staged behind a small, very small toweled table outside the shelter. To his left were the three money changers who distributed the license and other tags. Everyone was very friendly and eager to accept cash or checks - both without I.D. Liz coaxed Jack back into his carrier (no easy proposition), I wrote the check and got the tags, and we were outta there!

What we won't do to keep the law - even if it's robbery on the scale of the ridiculous.

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  1. Anonymous8:51 AM

    Congratulations on getting a higher number, Old Davy!