Friday, November 16

Celebrity Daze

Back in the days when Paso Robles was only a pitstop between San Francisco and Los Angeles, the crew from Rawhide was in town filming. Eric Fleming (Gil Favor), Paul Brineger (Wishbone), James Murdock (Mushy) and Clint Eastwood (Rowdy Yates) and the others camped out at the the Continental Wayside Inn after shooting in the hills some miles out of town. The town was buzzing about the honor and glory of hosting such a show, while certain crazed fans (including my aunt Naomi) followed the stars to the set for a more personal look.

I have to admit, this stargazing roped me and my cousin in one night as well. We decided to drive south a few miles to the motel and see everyone while they quenched their thirst at the local saloon. Seems that the management yielded to the request for lower lighting. You had to have cat vision to see anyone's face. And since it was unpolite to stare, we just glanced around while having a beer (I think we had a beer, maybe not). Must have been a short beer if we did, because there were no introductions, no autographs, no smiles. Just a two minute, perfunctory, one-two-buckle-your-shoe sort of visit by two stupid kids wanting to experience a brush with celebrity.

I just figured it out. There was no beer. We were both still teenagers. Guess that explains the whole thing right there!

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