Tuesday, January 1

Foggy Bottom

I'm sure I looked unquestionably strange cruising around the college campus this morning looking for trees to take pictures of in the fog. Very foggy, though, so I don't think anyone saw me. Anyway, it was New Year's Day morning and hardly anyone was up yet. I also wandered around Victory Park, soaking my shoes while scouting a few oaks and other arrangements.

Couldn't pass up a little color, though, from the rose garden.

This was all after taking Barb to work at 8:00. Poor girl. It's already 4:34 in the afternoon and she's not off yet. Went in to pick her up, but she's in the cash room and has to work late.

After being off work since Dec. 22 (except for last Thursday), I'm more than ready to get back to normal and see the folks. How about you?

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