Saturday, January 19

Truce, the 2005 Movie

Last night's viewing of a locally made film didn't produce any of the "you gotta see this" emotion for me. A number of incidental film extras, one actor and some promoters showed up to add their weight to this small budget offering. It has won a few awards, though. The story line is pretty weak, but good music and photography (for the limited funds).

The movie Truce was written, produced and directed by Matthew Marconi, a young Chapman University School of Film graduate who found the right connections and folks interested in supporting the idea of a contemporary rancher/grandfather who has to take in his granddaughter while losing his ranch to the bank. He's a craggy ol' coot (Buck Taylor), paired with the sweetest darling girl in the world (Samantha Droke). The two butt heads and learn to love each other in the end. George Kennedy plays a minor role as a doctor.

Filmed in Clements, Lockeford, and Lodi, familiar places and faces entertained the locals. Most impressive was the writer/director, whose humility and non-pretentious spirit won the small crowd as he explained the story background and making of the film. There were numerous questions and answers.

As people were leaving, I asked Mr. Marconi about the photography of the movie and the still shots taken during shooting. There were two extra photographers for stills, but he said most of the photos were out of focus. Not good. Must have been volunteer amateurs, so I gave him my card and offered my services when he makes the sequel. Of course, I'm just another amateur, but I know how to focus. Ha!

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