Saturday, February 28

Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

An early morning March of Dimes fundraiser in the S-Mart parking lot left me bereft of reason as I tried to figure out what saving babies had to do with heavy metal/megadeath style of music. Hey, I like electric guitar even when it gently weeps, but this stuff was a strictly minor key meltdown. Yeow! The bass and drum beats reminded me of the slashing in Psycho. Stab . . . Stab . . . Stab some more. You get the idea.

Maybe I'm old fashioned. More definitely than maybe. I just hope there weren't any still-in-the-womb kids hanging out close by that were abused by the cacophony.

Or maybe I just don't appreciate the fine art art (sic) form presented by the dark side, as quintessentially presented by the band Infernal Method: "This is strictly a pantagraphic hauntography of proto-mantic motherworlds. Mysteriograms of toposonic radiances are deconstructed and raptoluminal resonances at residual numinophillic nemeta sites are reiterated in the mycoboreal precincts."