Saturday, August 22

Rusting Out

Thanks to bruxelles5 Photography for this reminder that due to the physical law of entropy, all things that can rust WILL rust eventually, given the right circumstances. That pristine new set of wheels you bought back in 1960 just isn't the same car 50 years later, even if you've done your best to keep it spit polished.

Just as glaring is the degenerative aura taken on by your face in the mirror as the years add up.

We're all rusting out, like an old car, soon ready for the scrap heap after the engine shuts down and the battery dies.

And you can bet there will be no Cash for Clunkers Program for any of us.

1 comment:

  1. such an optimist, Davy!!
    and this makes all the difference
    we serve a risen Savior
    and this world is not our home