Sunday, August 30

First Time Champs

I'm watching the last out of the last inning of the Little League World Series and the Blue Bombers from Chula Vista, CA just pitched the final strike to win the game and championship with a score of 6 - 3. Chinese Taipei (Taiwan) was narrowly squeezed out by a better California defensive team that had some late inning hits by their key players. Click here for details.

There so much more emotion and excitement in Little League than the majors. These kids don't hold anything back, especially their tears when they lose a big one. And the crowd/family support is phenomenal.

The U.S. now enjoys five straight championships, in spite of the 75+ other nations that enter the competition. The largest organized sport in America, some 2.5 million kids (boys and girls) participate in our favorite pastime.

Many of us boys played with our 12 year-old peers back in the day. We learned teamwork, throwing and hitting skills, and a lot of humility. We've hopefully forgiven all the bad coaches who belittled us, team mates who didn't like us, and parents who never saw us play.

We'll keep those memories for a long time. But toss the bad ones and just hold onto the good ones.

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