Wednesday, January 21

American Idols

Unceasing amazement grips the audience as tone-deaf soloists
trill, troll and tune their way into the hearts of millions of viewers.
The questions are credulous: "Don't these people have any close
friends? Haven't they been told they suck? Can't they compare
themselves side-by-side to others who can carry a tune?"

And we feel SO BAD for them, but end up laughing along with
millions of others at their self deception and apparent idiosy. We
can't let them stay in that safe little cocoon of blind acceptance.
We have to shoot them while they're wounded and grin while we
do it.

It's the revival of the Roman arena mentality. Killing can be fun.

And me? Well, I can see all of my imperfections, thank you very
much. I'll admit to them all. But don't show me anything I don't
already know about! 'Me' here is the millions. Pride is deep.
Rejection is the unpardonable sin for the masses.

Wonderfully, some of us are shown our self-deception and kiss
the truth and Author of truth. Our deepest sins are revealed and
we run to the forgiving arms of our Heavenly Father. We are,
indeed, tone deaf. In fact, it is a prerequisite for going to the big
city where we can sing to our heart's content.

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