Tuesday, January 13

Quarter Century

The first quarter century milestone is passed today as daughter, Elizabeth, celebrates those few and many years. She's wearing a birthday present --- a polyester pink walking suit and enjoying dinner out ("my first real date") with her friend, Gary, instead of eating with her parents at a fancy steakhouse. Oh, well, it's pizza for mom and pop tonight, a lousy pizza from Round Table.


The door must have been open wide,
For in she flew --- fluttering ---
Sputtering --- all regal-eyed
And bushy tailed, her little wings
Raising dust where she alighted ---
I think she was a bit excited!

For an encore she began
To sing (or maybe it was squeak).
As a new and loyal fan
I admired her rosy beak:
Who could fault that happy chirping?
How mundane to call it burping!



Growing, growing, growing, gone!
Elizabeth, it won't be long
Before you leave your mom and dad
And try your wings. Oh, we'll be sad
And probably wonder what to do
For just a bit --- a day or two!

God's holy will and ways are best ---
And anyway, we'll need the rest!


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