Wednesday, January 14

New Old Stuff

We didn't have to wait long to head to that steakhouse with daughter, Liz. Got out of the place for only $50 for four of us (three of us had steak, lobster and shrimp --- the shrimp, Angel, had whitemeat strips). This after driving to San Leandro at noon to attend a plant meeting and ISO 9001 presentation. The traffic was cruel, of course, but providence provided clear sailing except for a little rain and stop and go just a couple of places.

And for all you kitty lovers:


It's sad, but true
That cats will do
The meanest things you've heard of.
They like to dine
Most anytime
On head and breast of bird, love.

And little mice
Had best think twice
Before they leave their houses.
A kitty's quick
And likes to lick
The guts of little mouses.

So when you hear
A meow, my dear,
Remember, though they're pretty,
Deep down inside
A cat can't hide
That he's a killer kitty.

May 1995

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