Friday, October 29

Luna Tune

Nothing like a rare natural occurence to get out the neighbors,
binoculars and telescopes. And the cameras. My little digital had
more than it could handle, overexposing a bit and commanding a big
blur when I tried to zoom and handhold (I had the video on the tripod.)

Our neighbor tried out his untried telescope with zero results. It
was given to him, complete with a half dozen lenses or more. But no time
to read the instructions, and again, no tripod.

Across the street, young Eduardo had set up his LONG telephoto lens for
a look and maybe some pictures, I never asked him.

The three elementary school age girls next to him were huddled together
gaping in the almost dark front yard.

Nothing really exciting to watch, but it beat watching the last Red Sox
game for a half hour.

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