Tuesday, October 19

Pretty Little Angel . . . Ears

Yeah, that's the Angel Bunny laughing while Grammy folds underwear
on the T.V. Or didn't you know about the new sitcom starring the
world famous B.S. Skinner? That's Barbara Sue, not what you were
thinking. Shame on you!

We were flooded today with an afternoon deluge. You couldn't see
across the street while the rain pounded our poor little hovel. The
perils of Providence.

Liz's store was robbed a few days ago by a 400 pound woman with a
butcher knife. She and her accomplice loaded up on Big and Tall pants
and other items. Over $1000 worth before heading north and robbing
another place using the same tried and true method. Thankfully, the
staff at the other store got the license number, so they were soon
apprehended. And thankfully, Liz wasn't working when it happened, but
had to deal with the police and DM right afterwards. (Assistant Mgr. stuff).
The manager was on a cruise. Good work, Elizabeth!

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