Saturday, December 11

Back to the Dump

Here we go again, but this time unplanned. After helping us get the tree at Lowe's and eating dinner here yesterday, Liz and Gary went and cleaned up his place. She called early this morning wanting me to go to the dump with her with the bagged stuff, so off we went to my almost favorite place in the area.

The fog and mist followed us all the way. One dreary date with destiny as we meandered through the back country roads, past vineyards, dairies and rusting pickups. Pretty quiet except for the wind whistling through the aging Silverado's weatherstripping. It was a good time to talk. Small and big stuff. Christmas scheduling plans, Gary's health, who was going to back into the slot at the recycling center.

Not many out today. Didn't take long to toss a dozen big bags, and nothing to clean up. The workers got their eyes full of Liz as she worked to unload. I snapped one sneak peek at them before leaving (remember, it's against their policy to do it, but my juvenile delinquent streak got the better of me).

I really don't think I'll need model releases for this picture anyway. Ha!

Barb and I took a dozen packages to the Post Office for mailing later. Only $48, so I wasn't too shocked. The shock came as we heard Christmas carols and music wafting through the place. Good thing it's not a government office or the ACLU would have been called in for sure! Kind of nice to see an 'almost' government institution giving their blessing for the true reason for the season. This whole anti-Christian thing at Christmas is making a lot of people hopping mad. Businesses are motivated by fear, not their discrimination policy.

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