Friday, December 31

Out With the New - In With the Old

Time to ring the New Year in with all the traditional hoopla, including enjoying fireworks in the rain, watching the ball drop in Times Square and eating too much. Thankfully, I'm not doing any of these things this year. Our usual house party was skipped for the first time in recent history and Barb and I are just sitting back and enjoying a great movie (Luther) and a lousy one (13 Going on 30). Not hard to figure out who picked what.

One item of interest: The closing of Salinas' three public libraries, including the one named after John Steinbeck. An 8 million dollar shortfall (voters opted for police and fire protection), forced the local powers to send everyone to Prunedale for their weekly fix. Hey folks, there's a great library in Paso Robles! What gripes me isn't locking the doors. It's the locals blaming Governor Arnold for keeping monies that used to come to them, when they should be frying the former Gov. for getting us into this budget mess in the first place. And where does the Constitution provide for public libraries, payed for by taxpayers? The free ride is coming to an end, Americans. Time to fork over a few cents to borrow a book or read a magazine. And ask for donations so our poor can still visit. Problem solved.

It's 11:03 p.m. I should be sleeping, not listening to You've Got Mail in the background on TNT for the 100th time. All these girly movies end in the same way. Boy and girl almost don't get together, but then they always do. We know that all along. It's the getting there that wrenches the gut and brings the tears. "Why don't I just put these in water?" At least 80% of your will read that and know who said it and when and why in the movie. "John 3:16?" Maybe 20%. Lord, help us!

Folks, I strongly recommend that you rent "Luther" for a serious night in front of the television. It's one of the few historical films that's historical. Add great acting, strong storyline and emotionally moving themes. You won't feel like you've wasted $3.75. Not a good popcorn movie, though.

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