Friday, July 22

Krazy Korn and Krunchy Kreatures

It was the proverbial Thursday luau before the proverbial wedding. Just the right amount of folks to witness the knife-in-the-back stabbing of a prostrate porker. Quite the showmanship as the blade-braving groom began carving. Someone yelled for the ear to munch on. One pop and it was off. Mounds of white meat, slightly seasoned soon waited to be devoured by all the natives.

We dressed the part, except for the straw hats. People were thrown in the pool, including bride and groom. The weather was cool. Lots of conversations and meeting new faces. Home by 9:00. Tomorrow - the rehearsal dinner. Saturday - the wedding.

Of the few formal times we get to rejoice in life, weddings still exude hope and wonder. Ordained of God in the beginning, one man and one woman promise to love, cherish and ENJOY each other the rest of their earthly lives. "Husbands, love your wives as Christ loved the church and gave himself for her." That's a lay-down-your-life love. A no-matter-what love. An I'm-crazy-about-you love that we'll never fully understand in this life, but can have the pleasure of a small taste of it.

Surprise your spouse today with those three God-blessed words, "I love you!"

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