Monday, July 25

Window Dressing

There are no more beautiful people than those at a wedding. After the extreme efforts to dress, primp, apply makeup and get your hair done, the show begins. And that's just the guys!

God's crown of created pulchritude belongs to the fairer sex, of course. We can only imagine Adam's reaction to a perfect Eve. There is a hint of it in those 'love at first sight' experiences. It is wonderfully shown in Solomon's Song in the Bible.

John Piper's new book, The Pleasures of God, lists those things and beings God delights in, such as His creation, His Son and His people. In the New Testament, Jesus is called the Bridegroom and believers are called His Bride. He delights in her. He lays down His life for her. He loves her unconditionally. Sinfully unattractive in herself, she is redeemed and made beautiful by her new true love, the Lord Jesus Christ. Even the apostle Paul calls it a great mystery.

God created beauty. He enjoys it. And because we are created in His image, we can delight in it, too. It's His gift to us.

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