Tuesday, August 16

Behind the Lens

It was off to an early start. Oak Park days on the north circle when I was about nine or ten. We were suddenly dadless, dirt poor and didn't have a car for awhile. Mom had to walk to work and bum a ride home, she said. So who paid for the film and processing?

Here I've captured my first 'action' shot of Marty kicking off while Mom holds the ol' football. This must have been around 1956 or so. She waitressed at Wilson's Restaurant and also picked up parcels at the airport for the Conrad's Greyhound Bus business. We kids were treated to huge cartons of baby chicks to keep warm on the space heater overnight or live minks in cages. Very odd indeed.

Seems everyone took pictures in those days in my family, especially Grandma Skinner in San Luis Obispo. The kid and grandkid thing. Some of us started looking through viewfinders early, got hooked and entered that creative space called point and shoot. I wouldn't have missed it for the world.

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