Sunday, August 14

That Other Life

As the years stretch behind us, we forget the pain of adolescence amd wonder about those we've left behind.

Nancy snagged me when I transferred from CCSF to UTEP in 1965. She was in her junior year. The bubbly type. The straight A type. The social type. Why she wanted me to traipse behind her is beyond my pea-brained understanding. We weren't more than good friends and confidants who liked to touch each other. There were no head-over-heels butterfly feelings between us. But we did like to do bird counts together at the local lakes.

The attraction wore off after a few years (she graduated). Then I came back to California. I saw her again after some months in El Paso. She had married a guy in the Air Force and had a baby. End of story.

You've doubtless had a similar disappearance in your life. Someone you'd like to 'get caught up' with. Someone whose smile you miss. Such are broken old relationships. Just be thankful for the memories, forgive the faults, and enjoy the present. All things are meant to be.

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