Saturday, August 20

Dancing With the Big Boys

What do you think? A no-nothing, nondescript website like mine ranks with other first pagers after mousing a Google search. Must be something wrong with their algorithms and other secret formulas. The annual Google Dance attempts to help webmasters find the best ways to get their fare higher in the rankings.

Google says the key is creating a "user-friendly" site - simplicity must be that one critical component for success. Thank you, Google, for awarding such high honors.

Unfortunately, you have to key in more than just Paso Robles for our page to get first in line. Add 'USA' or 'history' and that's where you'll find us. I remember not too long ago that a Paso Robles search yielded about 2500 page references. Today it's about 793,000. Yes, Paso is 'dad-blamed cultured. Yesiree!'

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