Thursday, November 10

Macho Muchachos

I knew I was in cowboy country when our party of ten went to Big Bubba's for lunch after relocating all of the old cars, trucks and buggies back into their display positions at the Pioneer Museum after The Paso Gathering event. Heave-hoing, grunts and follow-the-leadering called for a nice rewarding lunch. We lined up a few tables and feasted on hamburgers, bbq sandwiches and tostadas as a giant buffalo head moved its little ears electronically on the wall. I knew things didn't seem right when a bunch of us ordered sodas and I was the only one who used a straw. Yes, this was the Paso Robles I'd left 33 years ago for greener pastures in the Central Valley. I don't think they'll want me back with my big city, pussy-footing ways after that.

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  1. Anonymous8:07 AM

    Dave, Straw or no straw you are still a PR Bearcat. Don't let the good old cowboys bother your pussy-foot'n ways. Hope you enjoyed your birthday back in Paso. Speaking of cowboys, my wife's work has taken us to Fort Worth for the weekend. This is the cowboy capital of Texas. YeeHaw to y'all in California and enjoy a quiet weekend back home. Your #1 San Antonio Fan, Rich Cantrell