Saturday, November 26

The Patience of Job

BestBuy opened at 6 a.m. and I purposely didn't get there until 8:00. The ad prices were irresistable. I could tell this by the happy hoard already inside. The main aisles that circle the store were clogged with carts full of t.v.'s, electronics, video games and computers. One of the hired help was holding a red balloon way in the back of the store. That was the end of the line for the 10 front registers. A blue balloon wandered near the entrance to mark the back of the line for the 5 side registers. Pretty ingenious. Probably an hour wait in both lines. It was going to be a fun time for Wordydave.

My dilemma started when the item I wanted wasn't to be found on the shelves --- by me or three associates. Bill, a manager, took on the project while I followed him around the place. He looked here, there, everywhere, bringing back the wrong item. I'm still waiting about 40 minutes later up front --- having a great time talking to the girl who guarded an exit-only area that led to the front checkout. "Sorry, but you'll have to go to the end of the line" was her mantra for the day. Note: I didn't see any road rage cases, hear any cursing or feel a mood of frustration. Everyone was getting along and smiling! I couldn't believe it!

Finally Bill showed up, saying he'd found 17 items in the computer, but didn't know where the heck they were, so he took my name and said he'd call me. So I got the call later in the afternoon and decided to skip the crowds and go this morning. Another 8 a.m. visit, and again another hide-and-seek game (Bill wasn't there). After looking in four different places, my new software was in my hands and I was third in line at the checkout.

What we won't do to save a buck! ($100 actually).

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