Monday, November 21

River Walk

Our nature tends to blindness. Too many of us stroll through life oblivious to the simple beauty that escapes our view. It's right there under our noses and we perhaps glimpse something, but it's not worth a second look.

It's time to get on your knees --- to stop and really LOOK at the world around you --- to wonder in awe of the complexity and beauty and perfect balance beneath your feet and above your head. Creation screams at us and says, "I'm beautiful!" while we reach for the remote and more bean dip.

Who would think there's anything worthy of note in the Salinas River? You've all seen its summer sand, cottonwood, sycamore, and beer cans from a bridge or two. But have you really found its treasures? Paso's plan for a river trail probably sounds really stupid to most Roblans. My hat is off to those who want to make it a reality and preserve and appreciate a little bit of wilderness before the floating casinos and WalMarts cover it up.

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