Wednesday, December 21

The Missing Annual Update

This year's annual Christmas letter never made it to press. This will be a delight to some and regret to others. We get about a half-dozen of these yearly updates. At one time some friends who live in Sacramento would send about a detailed, 5-7 page, handwritten both sides (but copied) account of everything. Most send a single page that's not even filled. Our friend Mike M. absolutely opposes giving or receiving anything during this season and told us so in a long letter a few days ago. He says, "Whenever I receive a form letter from somone on Christmas [seldom, I am happy to report!] it paralyses me. They do not ask about me. I assume they are not interested in my life. Then, if I write throughout the year, they do not respond."

Mike believes since celebrating the birth of Christ is neither mandated nor seen in the Bible, we shouldn't do it. Furthermore, he cites the history of the celebration beginning with the Roman Catholic Church and eventually being accepted in Protestantism, although rejected initially. I can understand both views, but now isn't the time for me to argue the points.

Mike also feels uncomfortable answering any kind of correspondence from women. "But often it is the wife, not the husband, that sends these December holiday letters, and I feel awkward writing to any man's wife for extended chatting."

This just goes to show there are all kinds of people in the world. So I am trusting that most of those folks who usually get our perennial letter [always written by me] will take it in stride and afford a measure of forgiveness. This blog comes close to highlighting a few things that are a bit more interesting than a detailed account of dental visits, number of pills we take or how many times I mowed the lawn this summer anyway.

Suffice it to say that God in His grace and mercy helped us through another year, granted us visits with family and friends, and met all our needs. Now you know.

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  1. I received one of these yearly updates you speak of from a family member and I thought it was so wonderful. I actually thought of doing the same thing with my family. Interesting blog you have here.