Monday, December 19

Paso's Martian Connection

Far more important than life on Mars is the little known rock that bears the name of "Paso Robles." Yes, the Mars Rover scratched the surface of this sulfur laden piece of lithic mass and immediately surmised an appropriate name.

Let's see . . . a rock on Mars named Paso Robles. And the possible reasons are . . . 1. The Mars Rover was test driven on similar terrain - downtown Paso. 2. The Mars Rover was looking for a parking spot and couldn't find one. 3. The Mars Rover was stuck. 4. The Mars Rover smelled sulfur. And yes, folks, that last one must be the real reason for the appellation.

Thankfully, the good citizens and leaders of this growing community have enough git-up, gumption and go to solve the parking and sulfur problems. In the mean time, someone needs to write NASA and get this rock renamed.

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