Thursday, December 1

Remembering Glory Road Times

How very strange to hear they've made a movie so close to home.
Glory Road is the story of the 1966 NCAA Champions from Texas Western College in El Paso (now U.T.E.P.). No big deal, except I was there trying to earn a degree at the time. I joined a bunch of friends and partied while watching the final game on T.V. Pretty exciting stuff for a small town no-nothing like me.

I was also Dance Committee Chairman that next year, so we decorated with a basketball champion theme for one of the dances. I still remember drawing these huge players on 15' lengths of butcher paper to hang on the walls of the auditorium. Unfortunately, our shindigs were for the nerdier element, so I don't think any players actually showed up for the event, thankfully. Those renditions of 'Big Daddy D.' David Lattin and Nevil Shed were pretty scary.

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