Monday, July 25

Window Dressing

There are no more beautiful people than those at a wedding. After the extreme efforts to dress, primp, apply makeup and get your hair done, the show begins. And that's just the guys!

God's crown of created pulchritude belongs to the fairer sex, of course. We can only imagine Adam's reaction to a perfect Eve. There is a hint of it in those 'love at first sight' experiences. It is wonderfully shown in Solomon's Song in the Bible.

John Piper's new book, The Pleasures of God, lists those things and beings God delights in, such as His creation, His Son and His people. In the New Testament, Jesus is called the Bridegroom and believers are called His Bride. He delights in her. He lays down His life for her. He loves her unconditionally. Sinfully unattractive in herself, she is redeemed and made beautiful by her new true love, the Lord Jesus Christ. Even the apostle Paul calls it a great mystery.

God created beauty. He enjoys it. And because we are created in His image, we can delight in it, too. It's His gift to us.

Friday, July 22

Krazy Korn and Krunchy Kreatures

It was the proverbial Thursday luau before the proverbial wedding. Just the right amount of folks to witness the knife-in-the-back stabbing of a prostrate porker. Quite the showmanship as the blade-braving groom began carving. Someone yelled for the ear to munch on. One pop and it was off. Mounds of white meat, slightly seasoned soon waited to be devoured by all the natives.

We dressed the part, except for the straw hats. People were thrown in the pool, including bride and groom. The weather was cool. Lots of conversations and meeting new faces. Home by 9:00. Tomorrow - the rehearsal dinner. Saturday - the wedding.

Of the few formal times we get to rejoice in life, weddings still exude hope and wonder. Ordained of God in the beginning, one man and one woman promise to love, cherish and ENJOY each other the rest of their earthly lives. "Husbands, love your wives as Christ loved the church and gave himself for her." That's a lay-down-your-life love. A no-matter-what love. An I'm-crazy-about-you love that we'll never fully understand in this life, but can have the pleasure of a small taste of it.

Surprise your spouse today with those three God-blessed words, "I love you!"

Tuesday, July 12

Sierra Shooting Stars

Not all shooting stars are seen at night in these California mountain valleys, as these 3/4" delicate flowers reveal. A quick trip up Hwy 88 (that's the next road to the south of the Sacramento to Lake Tahoe Hwy 50) offers all the beauty of the High Sierra with very little traffic to battle during the week.

The midday sun warmed us as we stopped here and there to capture the best of the area's gifts on film and memory card. Why would God create such diversity and beauty? We only see a part of it since countless species are gone forever, yet what remains declares the glory of the one who spoke all things into existence. Such complexity, ecology and beauty aren't the machinations of blind chance or prophetic amoebae. Sorry.

I used to think so. I was wrong.

Thursday, July 7

Happy Birthday

It was indeed a happy birthday for the colonies turned United States of America. And with much hammering and Providential direction, a handful of men forged a solid future for a strong and courageous people.

They are all turning in their graves right about now.

Monday, July 4

Blimping Along

These centuries old airships still strike us terra-firmites with that awe we felt when we were kids. Their unexpected engine drone forces us out of the house to scan the skies for a passing blimp. We would see the Goodyear ship flying over Paso on rare occasions and wonder what it would be like to ride in that little cabin under its silver belly.

I spied one winging south late this morning as I aimed Old Davy down the road toward the dump again with another load of backyard clippings and such. It would steer right over me, so I stopped by the side of the road just in time to get a few shots.

It was like I was back in the 60's with a psychelic (I've almost forgotten how to spell that!) rendition of the Goodyear. Bright and lazy colors topping a lemon yellow cabin! Wow! Click here for a close-up.

Up, Up, and Away in My Beautiful Balloon started playing in the background as I jockeyed for the best camera angle. A much better shot will be in tomorrow's paper most likely. But it was another "glad I've got my camera" moment. Which brings me to say to all of you folks who would take some great pictures if you just had your camera: These are the times of your life! Don't let them slip away.