Wednesday, March 8

The Short and Straightened Road

The Lennon/McCartney legacy includes The Long and Winding Road, a doleful tale of love lost, loneliness and longing. Pretty dreary stuff, really. But a good melody and harmonies. A good match for today's gray sky mood.

My drive home today was on the dreary side,too, as another storm front moves in. I grabbed my camera out of my coat pocket while waiting for a red light, zoomed it and shot through my truck window while everyone started to go on the green light.

My short and straight road home is an uneventful 5 minute event in the fast lane (I have to turn left too soon). Rarely doleful since I'm always entertained by how people drive, what they drive and the weather. Plus, there's the prayer that my old jalopy won't fall apart before I get into the driveway. Plenty of variety for me. Today's dramatic sky warranted a second look.

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  1. Anonymous9:05 AM

    Your work is awesome. I love shots from the drive anywhere. I try to always be ready for that special one.