Sunday, March 5

Stupid Driver Stories - Why Some Teens Shouldn't Drive

The talkshow host's question: What is the stupidest thing you ever did in a car when you were a teen? The following four stories came over the airwaves in short order, because we ALL have them, don't we?

1. It's a 20 mph zone, but that's way to slow for this guy. He wants to prove he can do 120 in it, so in the middle of the night when no one's looking, that's exactly what he does. Why? I guess so he can tell his grandkids someday or have some airtime on the radio.

2. This woman called in who said they used to get bored just racing forward, so they started doing it while the car was in reverse gear. Yeah, that sounds like a lot of fun to me!

3. Another guy called in to report that at 16, before he had a license, he rounded up 3 friends to joyride with him in a Grand Am. They were soon airborne, but lived to tell about it.

4. And lastly, a former farm country fella called in to say he used to get bored, too. Those country roads were mighty boring in his day, so he would use his faithful screwdriver and crank up the idle speed so he could stand on top of the car and steer with his foot. This is no lie, folks. I heard it with my own ears. Said he loved to feel the rush of wind on his face. Hey, buy a motorcycle!

Are you thinking of that time you just had to push the envelope and only by God's mercy are you still here to tell about it? Join the club. God was and is telling you something.

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