Monday, June 26

Iron Majesty

These old and burly locomotives roamed the countryside and rumbled through cities in the 19th century. Their black smoke and piercing whistle invaded nature's peaceful home and helped supply an ever-changing landscape with everything from lumber to livestock. They transported travelers and troops. They built an expanding America.

Their massive size, ear-splitting horns and smell of burned fuel have enlisted the love of many a young boy. Commanding fear and respect, these vintage rail roadsters still roar across our fading memories --- if we're old enough to remember them. Most of us aren't. So we visit the museums where some of them have found their last resting place. Or we find them here and there, reminding us of the limits of early technology, like this one northeast of Hollister at Casa de Fruta.

It is now a work of art, a masterpiece in the book called The Way Things Used To Be, But Will Never Be Again.

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