Saturday, June 3

Garage Snailing

A most perfect morning found us prepared and willing to tackle the hoards of shoppers in our cul-de-sac. People complained that our advertised 'block sale' only amounted to two houses. I don't blame them. The third and fourth houses had their sellers working today. Bad timing, but all the more for us, I guess. Liz'z clothes were the big seller, as usual. No big items like next door.

People were VERY friendly and talkative. They liked the deals and weren't complaining. A pastor appreciated the deal I made him: Two new boxes of #10 envelopes for $2.00. And the woman who got the 4 free collectible Coca-Cola Christmas bottles from '95, '96. She said she collected them, so I pulled out another 8 or so and sold them to her for $3.00.

We are just SO glad to get rid of this stuff. A long bow. A swimming pool with pump and extras. Car seat. Stroller. Free stuff. They really liked the free stuff. A lot of buyers are low income Latinos and fixed income people. Nobody touched the 'antiques and collectible' items. I've been trying to sell these things at garage sales for about 20 years with no success. So if I ever get an eBay account, they'll find a home that way.

Unfortunately, our fallen nature is bent on filling our homes with STUFF that has a short shelf-life. It would be much better to rent than buy, then just take it back when you don't use it any more. But you can't, so there's Goodwill and Salvation Army thrift stores to ease our consciences and reduce the clutter.

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