Thursday, July 27

Blurred Blessing

Hers is a non-stop world. Today's trip with her Day Camp friends ended at a waterpark about 60 miles from home. She brought back sunburned cheeks and waterslide memories. Not many details from this kid. Prodding helps. "Yeah, I liked the rubber slide that went all the way into the water." Okay.

A new Pac-Man game on the computer came next. Two games. Too hard. A bit blurry and scurry for both of us. The fingers can't navigate those cursor keys with much success. Poor P-Man!

Then it's having to sit still for a few pictures for grandpa. I tell her not to smile. She shares the frustration with her mother and stares at the t.v.

Then it's off to her house. The house without a cat. The house without a dog. But they do have frog and a turtle. Not much blurring going on over there.

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