Friday, July 14

Still Dancing After 50 Years

Pat and Wilson's 50th wedding anniversary party was an event to remember. The band only played 40's and 50's music. The original wedding pictures, dress and accessories were on display. A pastel theme, great dinner and table talk rounded out the afternoon.

How old will you be when the Big Golden crosses your paths? What year will it be? Will there be a gala celebration or a ho-hum "Let's go out for Chinese?" Will there be old friends behind the microphone, telling the old stories about how you used to get away with the worst shenanigans?

This 50th celebration is in all truth, one of the rarest events on the planet. Fewer and fewer marriages survive that long. And the ones that do aren't guaranteed quiet waters during the voyage. Unspoken mutiny, unforgiven sins, unfulfilled dreams --- too many things can quench that spirit of loving 'no matter what.'

May God help us to renew our love for our spouse and make the last years better than the first.

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