Saturday, July 29

Riding the Monster

Okay . . . the 'heat' is now history (for a little while anyway) and we're enjoying a day in the 80's and 90's. What a difference! We Californians don't do well in this stuff. Over 150 have died in heat related deaths. But remember the tragedy in Europe a few years ago when 35,000 died.

I rode my first lawn mower this morning, helping out some friends. Tom was diagnosed with bone cancer and can't do ANYTHING, not even lift over 10 lbs. Wow. And this man was the chief maintenance guy for our big church, along with 2 other full timers. Been a real challenge to change his lifestyle.

Anyway, Tom gave me a few minutes 'training' his monster mower after I filled the gas tank. Then it was off to the races. This was a case in which I figured out the right way to do it after I was almost done! Ha! Next time I'll get logistical directions first! My last bit of grass to mow was by their patio. There were four benches to move, so I put the mower in neutral and hopped off, not expecting it to pop back into drive. Crash went the benches before the mower plowed into the table and pinned it against the house! Of course, this is redwood we're talking about, and it's like balsa wood, so two of the legs snapped off in fine fashion before I could yank it into neutral again.

I felt bad and made my apologies. Tom said, don't sweat it, my brother's going to be here this week and he always like to work on a project. This project will be fixing the two legs, among other things!

So at least I didn't run over their dog or a car or any kids or myself! Thank you, Lord, for providential mercies!

And anything exciting to report from your neck of the woods?

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  1. Anonymous5:24 PM

    Maybe the Redneck lawn mower would be more your speed. :-)