Saturday, July 7

Life in These United States

My annual trip to the County dump (recycler) ended with my truck running out of water and blowing a head gasket or worse. I had to use an old Godfather's Pizza cup on a tie-down rope to fish water out of a small irrigation canal to be able to get the poor ol' thing home. Out of the 100's of cars that passed by my hood-up predicament, not one stopped to offer help. "In the last days, the love of many shall grow cold," warns Jesus in Matthew 24:12. But I wasn't begging for assistance. Maybe folks thought I was fine, watching me dip for water.

So that's our second vehicle down for the count. I'll try to sell the 98 Tracer on Craigslist for about $300. I don't know what to do with the truck yet. If I can get $1000 for it, it's a done deal. Needs a 350cc in it anyway, not that old clunking 6 cylinder.

I guess this situation deserves a rant about how badly I've got it here in these United States. Down to only ONE vehicle! How will we survive? Cheaper to buy another one than repair these.

Let's go to Iraq instead, Baghdad in particular where Christian families are being forced from their homes due to sectarian violence. Iraq's new government doesn't have control of it, neither the U.S. Army. You are politely asked to leave. Then they come and throw your stuff out and move in if you aren't gone already.

The Boston Globe tells the story.

My bicycling to work sounds pretty good compared to having to find another country to live in.

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