Sunday, July 15

With This Ring . . .

We hosted another birthday party for Angel yesterday. The backyard filled with guests who ate pizza, four different salads and Ratatouille cake. A long slip-n-slide with a giant shark's mouth opening and closing entertained Angel and Jessica, while most of us oldtimers would have liked to join them (it was about 90 degrees outside). The usual ritual of Angel sitting on a little chair in the living room opening gifts bored most to tears, especially a few of the kids who spent the whole time playing games on the computer.

Then Ryan took Liz by the hand, got down on one knee, and asked her to marry him (while Angel was still sitting in her little chair). Very romantic, except for all the wrapping paper and boxes scattered all around them. Yes, everyone was surprised, especially Elizabeth.

We are so thankful that this pending union receives our full blessing and hope for a wonderful future. Both Ryan and Liz have gone through some very bad relationships and now have a chance to put that all behind them as they begin their lives together. May God lead them into the future as they seek His face and direction.

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  1. Anonymous12:59 PM

    woo hoo!! Congratulations Liz!!
    and Old Davy and Barb too...