Thursday, July 26

Wonder of Wonders

People have loved traveling to see the wonders of the world for thousands of years. The Greek and Roman world built their huge temples to Apollo, Artemis (Diana) and a panoply of other 'gods' that were real wonders of the world at the time. Zillions of dollars and man-hours (like 55 years to build just one column for the temple in Didyma (they worked on this temple for hundreds of years and never really finished it).

The extravangance, super-size, architectural style and religious significance drew people from around the known world to visit. Some things don't change as the tourism business continues to grow and we can't get enough vacation time to experience the awe-inspiring God and man-made wonders available to us.

Heaven and its glory should be the ultimate vacation destination, yet we give it little thought. The God of all of creation's beauty has prepared the most beautiful and mind-blowing place for His people. Jesus said, "I go to prepare a place for you, that where I am, you may be also." I highly doubt that He lives in a hovel.

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