Saturday, May 10

Early Rising

Another scouting expedition started early as I maneuvered through the brick and glass canyons of downtown, heading toward the waterfront. A dismally thick smog covered the valley and the picture perfect city scene shot was out of the question. But there was enough color and action on and around the water to make up for it.

A few fishermen were lazily waiting for tugs, while others were netting bait fish. One told me there were more than 30 species to choose from, more than you can imagine and the best time to catch them was when it was over 90 degrees. Another said business was slow because of two sea lions that had taken residence a bit to the west of us (they've been the stars of the noon news on t.v. lately).

My telephoto lens is a cheap Sigma, so I can never get a good, sharp image even with a tripod. But there were plenty of composition opportunities with some decent color saturation, so I can't complain too loudly. The big plus was the egret that sailed in and made a perfect turn before landing. Only one of about six shots was sharp enough to post.

This little family of mallards scuttled their way to and fro across the channel. Only three of a probably much larger brood survived their first few weeks in the world.

Happy Mother's Day!