Saturday, May 3

When Roses Go to College

Few of us went to a college that looks like The University of the Pacific. Established in 1851, it is the oldest college in California and is loved for its Ivy League style buildings and landscape design. It's always fun to head there in the early morning to grab some low angle sunlight as it filters through the campus.

This morning's roses were color-flushed handfuls, with firstborn petals scattered on the ground. Over-tended and prolific, white-grained fertilizer had been shoveled beneath them and around them, much of it lay on the bordering boxwood.

The air was crisp and cool. Wet grass soaked my shoes and the toes of my socks as I scouted different angles and light. The maintenance man drove along the walk to the rose garden, agreeing that it was indeed a beautiful morning before stopping to empty two trashcans. I told him to take his time.

Patience is a key virtue. Waiting upon God with a sense of trust is a wonderful thing. May I know the power of this trusting when I can't see past this present tense existence.