Wednesday, May 21

The Happy Post Hippie Couple

We celebrated our 37th anniversary at the Elephant Bar and Grill tonight. The hostess seated us by the door, and just in front of a totally open kitchen area. Big mistake! I could hardly hear Barb talking to me. We moved in short order to the back of the bus, where the brain didn't have to compete with so much input. Much better!

Great menu choices. Median prices. Not as much privacy as we're used to (Black Angus), but it was okay. The food was excellent. The dessert was excellent. And it didn't break the bank. So we'll give it a 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Liz bought us a 'What Was Happening in 1971' book. Thanks, Liz. We had fun perusing the pages of factoids, fun and great ads from that year. And now we can sleep better, knowing Winona Ryder was born the year we got married!

Barb has a thingy about steaks. Tri-tip, sirloin, pink inside. So she enjoyed this $10 tri-tip and potatoes, but didn't eat the crispy lima beans. I had the kung pao spicy chicken and rice. Spicy is the key word. Wow! Just this side of that horseradish runny nose. Just right. So I brought half of it home to take for lunch tomorrow.

Sorry about all this detail. If you were expecting some great philosophical tome or rambling argument about why Hillary should get the nomination, forgive me. I'm relaxing tonight and enjoying those old memories of two young kids who started out with nothing but each other, survived by God's grace and still love each other today. Now that's a relaxing thought to treasure in the midst of an out-of-its-mind world.