Wednesday, June 25

Plant Those Roses!

Yesterday's visit to the local museum wasn't disappointing, except for the wildfire smoke lending its golden cast to my photography. I used a polarizing filter to deepen the colors and eliminate leaf reflections (except for the shot of the magnolia blossom).

I took paper and pen to note the names of the various roses, so you'll be able to identify any that you're thinking of adding to your garden. I really like Joseph's Coat (a climber), Dainty Bess and Strike It Rich. E-mail me if you want to know what type of rose you're interested in (hybrid tea, climber, miniature, etc.). Go to Dave Skinner Photography to see them.

Does your town have a rose garden? This is a wonderful way to add beauty to an otherwise humdrum place. Every little bit helps.

My recovery is in its third week, and I'm almost feeling normal. Bought and planted flowers this morning, so let's hear it for God's mercy in healing! We weren't created to sit in front of the TV or computer all day. Muscles are made to move, work and then rest.