Friday, November 6

Blow Out

I didn't really try to unlight the candles with a single breath. Angel was using my camera to take pictures and could hardly hold it up with two hands, let alone find the shutter release and zoom easily. So slow motion posing was the order for the evening.

The beginning of this 63rd year of borrowed time is another reminder of the inevitable slide toward that final year when I'll do this 'blow out the candles' thing for the last time. Most things will be for the last time that year. So until then, I'll enjoy the ritual and give thanks for the hands and hearts that make this day so special.

Yes, I was the life of the party. Mr. Entertainment. Chief Goof-off and Cake-lover. King of Ooh and Ahh.

Thanks to everyone who said happy birthday in different ways. Love is that God-given gift that no one should miss --- especially if you're a curmudgeon like me.

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