Monday, November 16

Hobby Hobos on the Beach

Saturday's photo op at Santa Cruz with Don rewarded both of us with some keepers. Most of the photographers on the beach were shooting Canons with big, fast (and heavy) lenses, while Don sported his new Nikon D300 with kit lens and me with the oldie but goodie Nikon D70 and kit lens with polarizer. No tripods for us (left them in the trunk), but I don't really think they're necessary when you're not planning on making large prints and use a fast shutter speed and wide angle lens setting.

Don took this photo below of me. I included a few shots of other photographers to tell the story of their enthusiasm and camaraderie on this beach of opportunity. There were dozens of people taking pictures, but I never saw anyone upset because someone was goofing up their shot. Must be a hobby for very patient people.

I also took my Nikon N5005 film camera with a 24-70 zoom to get rid of some old film and be able to get a little wider view than the 28mm on my digital camera lens. This is the first time I've done this, and it proved to be a simple proposition and worked fine. One on my neck and the other on my shoulder.

Don also took this next shot of tide pool tourists out on the point north of the beach we were on. Great shot, Don. Simple, well-composed and tells a story. Thanks, Don, for sending it to me. We'll get together again soon for another exciting excursion into the world of shutterbugging.

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