Thursday, November 12

Findings and Recommendations

This week's Internal Audit, corporate's twice-a-year, three-day (longer in some facilities), let's-see-your-dirty-underwear series of meetings ended today with the inevitable list of Findings and Recommendations projected on the conference room wall. Roberta and I are the sole management representatives for this grueling necessity. Thankfully, each interrogation has been extremely understanding --- no waterboarding here, just a lot of blank stares and word-groping on my part as the questions about the Environmental Management System (ISO-14001), the Quality Management System (ISO-9001; 2008) and Safety Management documents/procedures/training/objectives, etc. demand more than a little familiarity with the subjects.

Our questioneer, Chuck, is a most congenial guy --- friendly, a smiler, personal, super-detailed, knowledgeable, and stone-turner nonpariel. He's the perfect choice for helping us navigate the sea of source material that has to be fished from filing cabinets, binders, Sharepoint and a failing memory bank. Thanks, Chuck, for smoothing out the rough edges.

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