Sunday, January 9

Light Lost

Those fleeting moments of a failing sunset make me cringe. I don't have my camera with me. Trying to shoot through rooftops and city trees. Pinks fading to reds fading to grays. Pretty depressing. It's a hassle to take a camera with you all the time, though. Guess it pays off in the long run.

We had been shopping and were driving home when this blast oven of color explodes toward San Francisco. More wonderful than the color were the upside down triangles making shadows on the pink and darker cloud bellies. I thought --- these must be shadows from the Mt. Diablo range. I got home in time to get a backyard shot that shows a bit of them. Wish I had been west of town to do it justice. Of course, mountains don't cast shadows on clouds, but it's fun to think about.

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