Saturday, January 8

Online Banking

Remember the days when your currency may have used a $20 bill with a picture of Hugh McCulloch's portrait on it? I didn't think so. Especially when it also stated the name of The First National Bank in Paso Robles, CA. That was way back in 1922, when most of our grandfathers were teenagers.

We still visit our local bank, but look at what's changed over these many years. That $20 in 1922 is equivalent to $227.38 of today's dollars, according to the Department of Labor. There was enough hard currency (gold and silver) to cover the value of your paper money in those days. And there was no online banking.

Granted, it's a pain to spend gas to get there, stand in line for ten minutes, and not be greeted by name when you talk to a teller. But where else can you watch close-captioned Fox News, visualize someone robbing the place, and get a $7.41 rebate check cashed?

I enjoyed visiting the old Crocker-Citizens bank in Paso, where you always found a smile behind the counter and someone who knew you by name. Maybe it's still that way in Paso. I hope so.

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