Wednesday, May 31

Old is Good

I bought my first SLR camera in 1970. The little brother of the Nikon F, my Nikkormat fit the bill at the time and continues to work well. Instead of buying a normal lens way back then, I opted for the 55mm MicroNikkor to satisfy a strong and lasting urge to enlarge all things small.

Well, when the digital bug bit a lot of us a few years ago, most point-and-shoot cameras had a Macro capability. My Canon A70 has been a wonderful addition, especially when it comes to close-up work. But then the digital SLR bug bit and I didn't have a good Macro lens anymore. Or so I thought for a few months. According to the owner's manual, I'm not supposed to be able to use my oldest lenses with the new camera. I learned otherwise today.

If I pop on my M-2 extension tube with my old MicroNikkor, presto! - it works in manual mode with no problems whatsoever. I couldn't believe it. This little red-eyed whatever-it-is is a bit blurry due to no tripod, a breeze and 30th of a second shutter speed. Sorry.

Life has a few surprises. Some of our old tricks can still be used in the twilight years.

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