Monday, June 11

Air Power

Our Saturday visit to the Capital Airshow in Sacramento rewarded us with major sunburns, dehydration, 90,000 other fans and a look at the latest military air power. Thanks to relatives in high places, we were given (thank you, Kristine) VIP passes in the Air Force Thunderbird canopied seating area.

Wandering through the vintage single-seaters and spy planes, this show had it all --- except for the vintage bombers, unfortunately. There were about 10 different performances, including one for the kids by Otto, the helicopter. Pretty cute. Aerobatics was the main course for most.

No one was disappointed with the F-22's amazing power and maneuverabilty and the Thunderbird's precision and skill. Even the huge Globemaster C-17 demanded respect as it was able to take off in a little of a 1/4 mile.

You can see my 150+ photos here: Capital Airshow

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