Thursday, June 14

Northern Pintail Waves Goodbye

Change happens everyday, but some don't cope well with it. Barring increased population growth, many niche-bound birds will soon join the history book parade of extinct species. Pushing our way into flyways and habitats displaces some of our feathered friends proportionally, unless these bird populations are able to adapt to the change. Even meadowlarks are feeling the pinch.

Driving home from Paso in 1970, Buena Vista Drive was lined with barley and alfalfa fields, sheep and dairy cows. Barbed wire fences sported an array of birds. My favorite was the meadowlark. Loud enough to hear when you drove by, its cheerful call reminded me of our connection to these fields and the frontier/agricultural way of life. Change wasn't so drastic then, and meadowlark populations weren't dwindling as they are now. It seems we have to drive farther and farther from home to hear one these days. And it's a rare, nostalgic treat when we do.

So enjoy God's wonderful creation right now, wherever you are.

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