Sunday, June 3

To Sell or Not to Sell

Hardly a 'block' buster sale. Only advertised on and people only came in the morning, so we shut it down after lunch. Only posting two signs didn't help, either, but yours truly wasn't excited about it in the first place and the other main players didn't push to advertise or even 'ask' about it. Conclusion: Assumptions can be the kiss of death to any project. Communication is key. Leave no stone unturned.

The plus side: We had a great time talking to neighbors and Angel started learning how to ride her bike without the training wheels (all caught on video). We profited $26 and spent $9.50 on the ice-cream man and $43 on dinner downtown. The remaining items will be picked up Wednesday by a charity - all $465 worth!

So the next time you want to bargain for a garage sale item, remember all the trouble the folks went to, paying for advertising, getting up early, marking prices, moving everything out of the garage, giving up their WHOLE day usually.

A small tip sounds good now, doesn't it? We're such cheapskates!

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